My favorite project this semester was probably the individual soundslides project. I was really happy with the way that it came out and it was a skill that I was even able to use in another class final. I was not sure that I was going to be able to actually do it, the project seemed very overwhelming at first so I was really excited that I could actually do it. I also really liked the last project it was really frustrating at times but I am happy that I got it done.

There were a lot of skills that I learned throughout this semester. As I stated earlier I did another sound slides for another project this semester so I was able to use that technology already. I think that I will probably be use dream weaver again as well. That was very helpful to me. The most basic thing that we learned how to do was blog and I really enjoyed it and even started my own blog because it was something that I enjoyed so much.

I really want to go into sales and marketing at this point in my education. I think that this class will help me in being able to see things that are done well as well as being able to give feedback about the quality of different marketing projects. I think that it gave me a good insight to a field that I am very interested in.

I wish that we would have spent more time on our blog in terms of making different templates and fonts. I also wish that maybe we could have spent some time on social media sites for example I have not idea how twitter works and I feel that social media is having a large impact on online journalism today.

I really enjoyed this class. I feel that I learned how to do a lot. I also really enjoyed that large amount of help that was offered throughout the semester. It made all of these large projects that seemed overwhelming become accomplishable.

For my Individual SoundSlides project I took audio as well as edited it then, I took pictures of the store that I was doing a story on and then combined the edited audio as well as the pictures in SoundSlides to create a finished product that you can see below.

Doing this assignment alone created a lot of new challenges. One thing that I liked about doing the project was the freedom that I had being able to interview who I felt was best and being able to do it all on my time and not have to worry about meeting up with my partner. The challenge with doing it alone was it was a lot more work I had to do every task on my own which was kind of stressful. Also I am not very good with technology so that made it more stressful when there were bumps in the road. But overall it was a good experience and I enjoyed being able to do it alone and I am very happy with the finished product.

Getting the audio was a little challenging, they have a large fridge that the flowers are kept in so that went off half way through the interview of Faith Whitehouse so that was a tad stressful. Another thing that made it a tad difficult was they were working on a wedding then day after I interviewed them so I went back the next day and took the majority of my pictures since they were working on the wedding.

The main problems that I faced during this project was the technology side of the project and having a mac made it a tad more difficult but other then that it was a fairly smooth project. The fact that it was my second time around using SoundSlides also helped it run smoothly.

I don’t think that there is really anything that I would change about this project. It was much less stressful then the first time using SoundSlides.

Jordan Dixon & Megan Tanaka

The thing that I really liked about the SoundSlides  project was the pictures I thought that the
pictures were great as well as I think that they flowed really well together. The
captions were also great they were described very well. The captions also added
interest to the story and made it very east to follow along with. The  ambient noise was also really good I feel that
it added a lot to the character of the story.

For The audio of this story it was really hard to hear what
the students were saying at times I think that this was taped in the union and I
think that it may have been better had the story been recorded somewhere else. That
way it would have been easier for the audience to hear what was being said.

I thought the photos were great I liked them, I feel that
they added a lot to the story. I also really like the fact that they were all
in black and white. This way a cool way to not distract the listener too much
from the audio I think.

Overall I thought that it was a good story the only thing
that I feel could have been different was the audio quality of the project.

Rhanden Lind & Tracey Rosenlund

Interesting project. I really liked the story line and I think
that it flowed really well. I think that the pictures added a lot to the story.
I also think that the ambient noise was really good and added a lot to this project
as well. I also really liked the conclusion of the story I think that it did a
lot in tying the story together and giving it a clear direction.

The one thing that I feel could have been improved was the
audio. I feel that the background noise was a tad distracting and it was different
for each person that you interviewed and to me that made the flow seem a tad
more choppy. I really liked the way that the pictures of the art tied into the
interviews really well.

Overall the project was good and it had a great direction
and pictures.

John Czerwinski & Andrew Joannides

Wow! The pictures in this story were amazing. I also really
liked your audio, it was much more clear then most of the other groups. The editing
was very smooth. I feel that it was so easy to follow and it had a really good
flow to it and was not very choppy.

The things that you could have maybe improved was the fact
that the ending seemed maybe a little weak for the story. And also I don’t think
that the pictures were taken all the two weeks before this story. Other then
that I think that it was a strong story and was very interesting.

For this assignment we used soundslides to put together the audio as well as the photos that we took containing two interviews of local artists. Working with my partner was great we worked really well together and were both able to input ideas that lead to what I feel is a very successful story. Getting the photography was a little tricky I really wanted to make sure that we had the story edited and knew exactly what photos we needed, so for us it worked better to edit the story and then look through the pictures that we took at the artists as well as the pictures that we had of their art work, once those were all pieced together it was easy to go downtown and get the exact pictures that we needed of street art was well as architecture of buildings of down town. I think that the pictures really add a lot to the story and make the flow a lot better as well as add a lot more to the story especially since the story is about artwork. I think that it helps if the listener to get more from the story if the listener is able to see the artwork that is being described. Working with soundslides at times was frustrating probably in part because it was the first time that I have used this technology. Once we got used to the program it was easy to use and really enhanced our final project. I think that if I could change anything about this process I think that I would have liked to have more pictures of the artist’s artwork. Another thing that would have made this project rum more smoothly was the fact that Travis had is dryer on when we were interviewing him so that was tough to edit around, and on that same note There was a door that shut during Maddies interview. I tried to work around it to the best that I could. I think that the flow of the project is good and I think that the audio for the most part is fairly smooth. It was much easier for me to edit audio this time and I learned from last time that I needed to put more space between the two speakers. I had a lot of fun doing this and I am happy with the way that it turned out.

Final Project 

Story Idea #1

Sustainable Restaurants in Laramie

I think that it would be interesting to do a story on restaurants in Laramie that are self-sustainable. I think that its important for restaurants to be self-sustainable, epically in the time that we live in now when its easily possible for this to happen. I think that its important for people to know about local places that are environmentally friendly.

I think that for this story idea it would be good to interview maybe a cook at the restaurant and have them talk about how self-sustainability is important and what that means to them. It may also be interesting to talk a resident and talk about what impact it has and how valuable self sustainably is to them.


Story Idea #2

I think that another good story idea would be interviewing a local artist and ask them about their inspiration as well as how living in Laramie has influenced their art. I know of a few local artist and think that it would make an interesting story and I think that the photos would add that much more to the story.

I can think of a few story ideas about how we could do this by asking them about their inspiration as well as taking pictures of their art and them around Laramie. I think that would be really cool and would make for a really good story that would be very entertaining.

Story Idea #3

The final idea that we had would be to interview some kinds that are in the big brothers big sisters program and talk to them abut how the program has influenced them and things that they have gotten about of it. Another aspect that we could take with this story is talking to college kids that helped and ask them what experiences they have gotten out of the program

I think that interviewing a volunteer for this story may be a bit easier epically when it comes to editing the story. A child may be hard to guide and get the answers that we are looking for. I would also like to do some cool pictures of the volunteers playing with the kids. I think hat would be a good touch.

Ashlee Oslund

The one thing that I noticed off the bat with this story was the fact that she spoke so fast. It may have helped if you had asked her to slow down and not talk so fast. I feel that because of her fast pace of talking it make it seem a tad choppy when you were editing things out. I also feel that she may have been a tad close to the audio recorder so that kind of blew out the sound a tad. I think that some ambient noise maybe could have helped balance the fact that she sounded so close to the recorder. I think that the editing was really good however. The story seemed to have a good flow and you could tell where the story was going. I feel that the editing was great and the story was really good as well the only thing that I think maybe could have been worked on was the technical side of the story.


Rhaden Lind

This was a great story. I really liked the way that she narrated the story. You could tell that she is a great storyteller and I feel that was pretty obvious. I think that the editing was also really good. The flow was also really good. There was a strong sense of direction as well as a good conclusion. The one thing that really stuck out to me was the sound quality. If that had been changed that would have had a much stronger interview and it would have just added to the strong story. Overall I think that it was edited very well and was a very strong story.

What I learned personally from this assignment was that it seemed like everyone had issues with the technology side of the project. That being said everyone had very strong stories but struggled with the technology side. I think I learned also I need to be more aware of back round noise side of things. When I was recording the interview I was not aware of noises in the back round. Also I want to try to make sure that the person that I interview responds to the question in a full sentence that will help to clarify the story and make it stronger.

If I (Caleb Tillapaugh) could do anything different with this story I would have made sure that Marie answered in full sentences. The other thing that I would have done was I would have made sure that she was not messing with the bottle cap that way you would not hear the pinging sound in the background.

I was shocked that I could actually do this assignment. It seemed like it would be way over my head and that it would be to hard but I was able to do it so that was really cool that I was able to make this project happen

My Audio editing experience was interesting. This was the first time that I had ever edited audio so the whole experience was a new thing to me. I think that if one word come to mind it would be time consuming. There were parts that I had trouble fitting in or figuring how to edit myself out of the interview. It was also interesting trying to make the whole interview sound cohesive and flow well.

There were many things that I learned for this experience. I think that the whole thing was a learning experience to me. I have never done anything like this so it was like going from zero to one hundred.

I really enjoyed the interview and trying to piece the interview together I found that to be fun and different. The editing was time consuming and took me a while but I found it to be a challenge. The part that I really did not enjoy was getting the interview onto my blog I found this to be very time consuming and frustrating.

I did not realize that it was so going to be so time consuming. The other thing that I did not realize was he fact that the microphone picked up so much background noise. Marie was messing around with a bottle cap and I did not think that It would pick that up and it did. I edited it out as much as I cold but there were parts that I just had to leave. So looking back I would have told her to stop or redone the interview.

I wish that I could have had her put down the bottle cap so that you did not hear that bounce every once in a while. Other then that I am happy with the way that it turned out I feel that for my first time editing something it turned out fairly well am in proud that I could do something like this in the first place.

My interview experience was interesting. This was the first audio interview that I have ever done so that was interesting and new. I think that it flowed like a natural conversation and went fairly smoothly. It felt kind of weird being the interviewer as well as the interviewee but I think that helped smooth things along and it made the flow seem more natural as well as a tad less uncomfortable.

I learned that I need to be able to think on my feet as well as have good questions ready so that incase there Is a lull in the interview I need to be ready and have questions to ask.  I also learned that I need to be in control of the interviewing process. I need to be the one that guides the interviewee to answer questions that are going to help me develop a good finished product.

I enjoyed the process there was not much to not enjoy. I think that the technical part is a tad tricky but ,other then that it was a fairly enjoyable process. The other tricky thing about this interview was you had to be fast on your feet about it. If there was a time where it got awkward  or uncomfortable you had to have a question ready or at least know where to guide the question.

I wish that I could have had more questions ready when there was a lull in the conversation but, other then that I don’t think there is much that I would change about this interview. I think i will be better able to answer this question after this has been edited. I figure that once I edit the interview I will be able to have much more feedback about the whole audio recording experience.

“The Medical Tourist”

This story is about a woman who has cancer and decided to move from her hometown (not mentioned where) to New York to continue her treatment. The story talks about the hardships that she is facing dealing with her cancer as well as her move to a huge city where everything seems new and different.

The experience that I had while listening to this story was pity and sadness. There was something about even her voice that allowed you to feel her hardships and made you aware of the huge struggle that she was going through. Her voice as well as the pictures painted a very clear picture of a sick woman.

There were many things that I liked about this story. I liked the way that the pictures were well tied with the sound of her voice it made it easy to paint a picture of what this person is like.

The journalist did well with transactions as well as doing a good job of tying what to me seemed like a lot of random information together. I think that this was a very hard person to explain in two minuets and I feel that the journalist did a good job doing that.

I did not like the end of this story. I feel that this woman had such an interesting life and story and to me it felt wasted on the last part. Maybe he could have kept her on track more or even just made that last story more relevant to the rest of the story. Also one thing that I really wanted to know that was not mentioned was where she was from I was really interesting in knowing where the woman moved from.


“Heart and Soul” An African-American History

This audio story is mostly an interview Kadir Nelson about his new book Heart and Soul. I found that the majority of the interview is about his inspiration for the book. They also talk a lot about his voice and why he wrote this book and what inspired him to write this book.

The experience that I had while listening to this story as I kept waiting for him to actually talk about his book and what he wrote about not why he wrote this book. The experience that I had while listing to this story was much different then what I thought it was going to be.

The things that I liked about this story were the fact that the interview and the author had a good flow to one another. They seemed to be coming from the same place and that made it easy for them to feed off each other. I also think that they had a really energy while talking

The questions that were asked I felt were really good. I also feel like she knew how to keep him on track but still have fun at the same time. To me what really stuck out about this article was the fact that she was a really good interviewer.

I wish that the questions may have been pointed in a different direction but, overall I think that it was a really good interview with a lot of life even though it was not what I was expecting at the start.

I don’t think that there were any technical things that could have been changed in this story. I think that it was a very technically sound story.


“The Believer”

This story was about a woman who was a minister of sorts. To me I felt that the story was mostly about how her being a minister was hard on her personal life and effected her relationships as well as her personal life. She also talked about how much she relies on God on an everyday basis.

I really liked the experience while I listened to this audio story. To me it felt very intimate and almost as if we were listening to her read her journal out loud.

I really liked the pictures that went along with this story as well as the fact that it was in black and white. I think that the fact that it was in black and white had a huge impact on the tone of the story and made it feel very intimate.

I think that overall the story was great. I think that the photos made it seem very intimate and tied in well to the portrayal that he was trying to convey. I also liked the fact that there was no background noise this made it seem to me as if she was in confessional or something of that sort.

I really liked the whole story and I don’t think that there was much that the journalist could have done differently.

I think the audio did seem a little dull since there was no back round noise so maybe adding that in could be a step up but overall I think that it was a great story and a really cool piece.


Jordan Dixon

The main thing that I really enjoyed about your photos was the fact that there was so much color in all of your photos. I also really liked the way that you used light in your photos. The night time pictures where you were playing around with the shutter speed was really cool.

As I said I really enjoyed the vast amount of color that was in these photos. I also really liked the way that he used shutter speed to play around with the lights in his nighttime pictures.

I think that the photos showed a lot of scenery but, there were not a lot of pictures of people so it was hard to get a feeling of personality or attitude by looking at these photos.

I could not find any sports pictures on his blog. I don’t know if I could just not find them or if he did not post them but I could not find any sports pictures unfortunately.

I liked the way that the captions were written. They were brief and to the point but, I feel that they still said everything that was needed to be said.

The one thing that I think he could have done differently was the fact that there were not people in many of the pictures and I thought that he assignment was about capturing people. That being said there were no sports pictures included in his post.

I felt that the photos were very creative and cool. I think that he played around a lot with the different devices. I also really liked the fact that all the pictures seemed to be taken in different places. This made it more interesting to look at.

I feel that having a subject would be a good start and a good way to start. That would by my main critique.

I think that his caption writing was good. I don’t feel that there is much improvement needed in that area.


John Czerwnski

The main thing that I really enjoyed about your blog post was the fact that all of the photos were up close and gave a unique view of games that we have all gone too. I also really liked the colors that were in the photos as well.

The main thing that I liked about these photos was the color that was portrayed in photos. I also kind of liked the way that the photos told a story. I wish that I could find a link to the 15 other photos but, other then that I liked the photos.

I think that the photos showed a lot of personality and that I thought was cool.  I think that for only having five photos posed there were so many different personality traits shown and I thought that was really cool.

The sports photos were a tad bit blurry or out of focus but, it is hard to get sports photos so I think that given the situation they were really good.

I feel that the captions were written well. They may be shortened though. There was a lot of information that was in them and maybe not all of it needed to be there.

I really would have liked to see some more photos. I was only able to see five photos that were taken so that would have been good. Maybe if you had posted more there would have been more verity. Overall I think that the spots pictures were really cool.

I think that it’s hard to get creative with sports photos so in that they were good. I feel that maybe your last picture could have been a tad more interesting. Maybe playing with the angle would have helped with that.

There was a clear subject in each of these photos so that was really good. One could easily tell what you were trying to capture so that was cool.

I think that the sports photos were great they had a clear subject as well as a clear emotion in each of them. I think that maybe they could have been a little more in focus but I realize that is hard when your shooting sorts pictures.

As I said earlier I think that the captions could have been a little shorter and to the point but, they were written really well.